How to Develop a Gratitude Practice

    Today I woke up to my early alarm and went through the motions to get out the door.  As I hopped into my car and started my drive to morning yoga, I was flooded with gratitude out of nowhere for the simple ability to be going to yoga at 7 am rather than heading into traffic.  For years I had dreamed about having a schedule that allowed me to do simple things like make breakfast and morning yoga.  On my drive to class I found my mind reeling in all the “little things” that I had once dreamed about that are now my normal…going to morning yoga daily, having quiet, calm mornings to reflect and meditate, having a spiritual connection to a source greater than me, allowing myself to love myself, having friendships that are based on love, and so much more!  


    Realizing there is so much in my life I once thought was out of my reach, once thought… maybe one day if I’m lucky.  Although there are many things in life I’m still dreaming about and working towards, it’s so important to honor and have gratitude for the abundance and beauty I do have in my life.  Especially those things that once seemed out of reach.  Grab each of those moments when they comes and really soak them in.  Breathe into them and just say “thank you.”

    Gratitude has the ability to instantly shift our moods.  


    What are those things that you once dreamed of, that seemed out of reach that are now your normal?  Maybe it’s a special someone, a job, friendship, home, vacation, body, life perspective, the list is limitless.


    Moments of gratitude and appreciation put everything back into perspective.  It’s so easy to allow ourselves to shift to a place of expectation rather than appreciation.


    5 ways to develop a gratitude practice

    1. When you need a shift in perspective, go to gratitude it’s impossible to be angry or fear and be in a state of gratitude, Gratitude is the anecdote.  
    2. Start your day with appreciation, appreciation for a good night’s rest, a home, whatever comes to you.  You may even choose to write these down in a journal.  
    3. Celebrate your day by noting what was amazing in your day.  Aim for 3-5 moments, even if it was a rough day, challenge yourself to find beauty in it.  Add these
    4. Practice receiving gratitude.  Many of us find it easier to give than receive.  Next time you receive a compliment, take it in, breathe it in and appreciate it.  
    5. Share your appreciation to someone who is important to you, a short text or a phone call and share a few kind appreciative words with them.  I promise, you’ll both feel brighter.  And bonus- it will open your heart up!  

    If you are looking for a way to keep yourself accountable.  You may enjoy a gratitude journal.  My favorite one is the Five Minute Journal.  It’s a quick way to jot down what I’m grateful for in the morning and also setting an intention for the day.  My evening is the wrapped up with gratitude by reflecting on the amazing things that happened throughout my day.