How to Shift Your Mood in 60 Seconds Hey Guys,
Do you ever have those moments when a mood just strikes you, you find yourself a bit grouchy, beginning to judge yourself or maybe just feeling a bit down?

I’ll tell you my little trick when I need to shift it fast. I sit and breathe for a good, solid minute. Focusing on my breath, big deep belly inhales, full exhales releasing all that is not serving me. As I’m breathing I begin to find three things I’m grateful for in the moment. It could be as simple as having a minute of quiet when I’ve been running around. It may be imagining a loved one and the gratitude for having them in my life. Being warm on these bitter cold Chicago days. It can be anything that brings me into my heart and reminds me of the blessings and gifts I have in my life right now.

When I’m in a place of gratitude, everything else seems less of a struggle and more of a lesson.

Much Peace,