Break Free from the Food Struggle

And Reclaim Your Health!

You too can have ease and freedom with food!

Look, I get it.  I've been there too.  You keep trying to make changes to your diet to better your health and it's just not that easy.

Cookies keep calling your name when you know you should be eating more cauliflower.  It seems that you just need more willpower, more strength, more control to overcome the struggle.

I believe that you have the innate capacity to move towards greater health given the right conditions, we all do.  You can overcome your food issues; whether your overeating, under-eating or live on junk food.  You can have freedom and ease in choosing what to eat and when; allowing food to be a source of fuel, nutrition, joy and pleasure.

And you don't have to navigate through it alone!

Using clinically-based somatic healing I've helped others just like you to empower themselves in breaking free from destructive food patterns and embracing  better health! 

With a background in Evidence Based EFT/Tapping for trauma,  health coaching, energy medicine, and somatic healing; Karla understands the interconnectedness of the entire body, helping you to heal and develop a new relationship with your food, self and others so you are living your best and healthiest life!

You are in the right place 

  • If you're ready to have a relationship a healthy relationship with food.  One in which food is fuel & nutrition, while brining joy and pleasure; rather than a source of comfort, control, or a way to soothe anxiety and hide.
  • You're ready for specific, personalized transformation and guidance to create sustainable and lasting results.
  • You desire a deeper, more intuitive, loving connection with yourself.
  • You've realized that the way you feel is impacting your overall well-being and health.
  • You're ready to have a relationship with food that reflects how you feel inside; empowered and loving. 

I'll work with you to finally get to the root causes of what is impacting your relationship with food, heal the emotions behind it and guide you to healing foods that will support you in your health, bringing you to a place where you are eating with ease and living your best life!


One EFT session with Karla has made such an impact that I have to share… We worked on my problems with weight loss and things clicked in my mind and body during the session. It’s now five days later and… The click is still there! My mind and body are much more aligned, I lost my first kilogram and I’m feeling a calm about my weight and the journey therein like I haven’t felt for a long, long time. And… The session was fun! Yes, it was deep, but there was also room for laughter and not knowing, and being relaxed about that. In short: she knows what she’s doing and I’m so thankful for having worked with her.

Marieke Netherlands

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