Living a healthy lifestyle can seem overwhelming at times, which is why it’s so important to keep it simple and focus on what we are doing each day that is loving and good for our mind, body and emotions.  When we choose just one new simple wellness act at a time until it becomes a habit, we are creating a wellness lifestyle that will benefit us for a lifetime. 1. Focus on your breathing for a solid minute
2. Drink one more glass of water today
3. Add fresh lemon or lime to your water
4. Turn blue light reduction on devices (probably in the settings on your phone, iPhone refers to it as “night shift”)
5.  Leave your phone out of your bedroom
6.  Bring fresh flowers or a plant into your home
7.  List 3 things you are grateful for today
8.  Find one gift/positive quality in another that you hadn’t acknowledged before- bonus if it’s someone that isn’t on your list of favorite people.
9.  Spend 5 minutes in quiet, maybe it’s just turning off the radio on your way to work, sitting for 5 minutes doing nothing, spending 5 minutes longer in the shower just enjoying the quiet (or the sound of running water 🙂
10.  Find at least 1 thing you are proud of yourself for today- or a special trait about yourself that you appreciate
11.  Call someone and have a quality and loving conversation with them
12.  Slow down
13.  Eat one more fruit or vegetable than you usually do, swap out or add in
14.  Take a walk outdoors or just opt to walk more instead of driving
15.  Tell someone you love them
16.  Smile at a stranger
17.  Read from an actual book or newspaper for at least 5 minutes
18.  Put your phone down when you are eating
19.  Journal
20.  Spend time with nature
21.  Listen to a podcast on wellness
22. Spend time loving on a person, animal or plant
23. Write yourself a love letter

Which one will you make a priority in your day today?

Much Love,


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