Baking Soda Beauty Hi Beauties,
As I was getting ready this morning I noticed my skin was a little flaky and in need of some exfoliating. I thought I would share a great little clean beauty tip I learned from an esthetician years ago. Baking Soda Beauty

Add baking soda, yep just good old fashioned baking soda from your kitchen cupboard to your facial cleanser massage into the skin gently and rinse as you would do with your cleanser. I prefer to use a creamy cleanser for exfoliation, it feels gentler on my skin. A gel cleanser will work too though.

I love this tip because it’s quick, easy, clean (non-toxic) and inexpensive.

Bonus tip: I had a flight to catch today and filled a small baggie with the baking soda for exfoliation on the go. It’s nice not bringing an extra product that takes up space while flying.

Happy Beautifying!

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