Is it about the Journey or the Destination?

Is it about the journey or is it about the destination? What’s it all really about. Lately, I’ve been working on being more present in my life, more grounded, aware and in the moment. I’m focusing on really listening to others when I am with them. I”m trying to be more mindful, allowing myself to feel and take in what’s happening around me.

I’ve recently become aware that for much of my life I have always been looking forward to the next thing, the next goal, trip, date, event, etc. I’m continually trying to get the goal achieved. The hard thing is some goals aren’t so tangible and black and white, like finding love and connection with others, fulfillment, finding that place in life where everything feels just right.

I’ve started to wonder what would happen if I loosened up the grip on trying to make some of these things happen. I kind of feel like I’m often driving 100 miles an hour on a dark highway, uninterested in what landscapes I’m driving through. I’ve started to wonder what would happen if I stayed on that same path, yet just started cruising along during daylight and noticing the sights around me. What if I started enjoying the ride without being in a hurry to get somewhere. What would happen if I could enjoy both the journey and the destination?

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