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Welcome to my virtual nook.   I'm Karla Kueber, a wellness guide and heart whisperer.  Helping guide others in reconnecting with their highest and best self, so they are experiencing freedom from the emotional blocks that have been restricting them from thriving in life.

What is Free the Soul?

Free the Soul is about healing and letting go of all that you needed to be and allowing your soul to shine.  It is about reconnecting with your body and intuition, while learning to listen to your heart and spirit for guidance.  It is about learning to love and accept who you are and where you are at in this journey called life.

My Backstory....

My childhood was all butterflies and flowers, until it wasn’t.  The truth is, like many others, I had a really tough childhood. My mom battled cancer for years and eventually lost that battle. Leaving my family ultimately broken.  My father was busy trying to play multiple roles while also trying to escape his own grief. I was forced to grow up real quick, becoming a strong, independent, resilient child on the outside, but suffering much grief on the inside.  

I continued to be put on my game face, achieving much outward success in life.  I had a career with many accolades as an elementary teacher, I was financially independent, I believed I was an all around good person, but it was costing me my life.  I was exhausted, physically, emotionally, mentally. I was a work-a-holic disguised as a martyr teacher, meaning I gave all of myself to being a teacher, this was the only way I knew I was a valuable good person in the world.  I was battling unhealthy relationships with food, others and myself. I was putting on a great face, but I was living in constant stress and misery.  

I set out in search of a better life, I knew there had to be more to life than the life I was living. 

I made great strides, learning to journal, reading personal growth books, educating myself on wellness, developing my spiritual practice, seeking traditional talk therapy, workshops, yoga and more- I share much about these on my blog here. 

While all these things help tremendously I found that I was still struggling to overcome some blocks (or traumas) in my healing.  What I learned is that when we experience trauma it can reside in our bodies until it is healed using a mind-body therapy.

(To be continued)...

My official bio

Somatic Health & Wellness Coaching- Healing for Your Mind, Body and Heart

  •  M.S in Reading and Literacy, M.S. in Technology Integration in Education; Karla spent over a decade as a school teacher and as an instructional coach providing professional development district-wide for teachers.
  • Certified Evidence Based EFT  (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Trauma Associate Mentorship with Dr. Lori Leyden
  • Evolutionary Leaders of the Heart Program with Dr. Lori Leyden
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach- Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Training Program
  • Emotional Eating Psychology Course- Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Certified Adult and Child Yoga Teacher (RYT 200, RCYT 95)
  • Yoga to Transform Trauma Teacher & Leader Training & Intensive with Catherine Ashton
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga with Hala Khouri
  • Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 & Level 2 with Gabrielle Bernstein
  • Energy Medicine Training Year 1 & Year 2 with Rhys Thomas
  • Self-Hypnosis Level 1

Freeing your soul doesn't have to be so hard.

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